Check insurance policy to see what is covered after storms

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Those dealing with downed trees on their property are also dealing with their insurance company.

But not all policies cover tree damage. An agent from Gilroy, Kernan and Gilroy Insurance in New Hartford says policies usually cover damage if a tree falls on your home. Insurance will pay for the home repairs and tree removal. However, if the tree just falls on your property and not your home, the cost to remove the tree is not covered unless you have a special rider for that particular coverage.

The agency also advises if you do have someone do work before an adjuster comes out, make sure to document everything.

"You want to keep all receipts, documents necessary to submit the claim and move forward with that," said Kristina Phou of Gilroy, Kernan and Gilroy Insurance.

If you didn't have any damage from the latest storm, agents advise calling your insurance company to verify what coverage you do have.

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