Children banned from restaurants: Local eateries, patrons react

By WKTV News

NEWS YOU CAN USE (WKTV) - Sidewalks in a hip neighborhood of Del Ray in Alexandria, Va., are often clogged with baby strollers and young parents—but that hasn’t stopped one new sushi restaurant from banning the 18-and-under crowd.

It had us asking, would restaurants in Central New York ever think to ban children, and would patrons be on board with the idea.

WKTV's Facebook viewers overwhelmingly thought the ban was a great idea with comments like the following, but there were opinions on every side of the issue.

Megan Cool said, "It is a restaurants choice to be family friendly or not. If you want to take your child out to dinner go somewhere else."

Jaynee Davis-Brown said, "I love it! I love children but sometimes you just need adult time. I think there should be adult only flights and adult only days at the water parks!"

Sam Smith said, "It is good and bad.. bad because it is just like discrimination all over again. On the other hand, it FORCES parents to have some time for each other with no children."

Tracey Joy Jones Reisch said," So, how are kids expected to learn how to behave in nice restaurants if they're only allowed in fast food places? We've been taking our kids to restaurants since they were born, and they've been taught how to behave. We would remove them when they'd act up and not let them bother other people, and they were expected to stay in their seats and behave themselves. They learned quickly and consequently they can go to any restaurant with or without us and know how to behave and how to order properly off the menu, how to ask questions about menu items and how to treat their servers with respect. Parents are raising future adults and need to allow their kids to experience many different things in order to achieve that."

We didn't stop there.

We also reached out to a couple local restaurants: Swifty's on Genesee Street in Utica, and Babe's Bar and Grill.

Both allow and welcome children.

Surprisingly enough, the restaurant that started the entire conversation, The Sushi Bar, is owned by the same person who runs the two super kid-friendly restaurants that flank it: Pork Barrel BBQ and Holy Cow, a burger joint where you might find 20 kids running amok on a Friday night.

If you're heading out of town, and want to find a family-friendly place to go out to eat, Urbanspoon released its list of America’s Most Popular Family-Friendly Restaurants.

While it includes some ice cream and hot dog joints, it also features some surprisingly kid-friendly gems like Piatti in La Jolla, Calif., a cozy, elegant Italian restaurant with proper stemware and white tablecloths.

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