Child's dream lives on through scholarship fund


HOLLAND PATENT, N.Y. (WKTV) - A scholarship was presented to Holland Patent High School, in honor of a student who died in a tragic accident in February.

In October, the Yagey family held the "Nush" Walk in honor of their adopted son, Anusha, who passed away after being involved in a car accident on his way to school last winter.

On Wednesday, the family honored Nush's memory by donating the proceeds from the Walk to his alma mater, Holland Patent High School.

"When he came here, he started thinking about what he could do for the future," said Nush's parents, Sharon and Mike Yagey. "So hopefully this will allow another child to carry his dream and and go to school."

The family donated $13,000 toward a scholarship fund in Anusha's memory, and also gave approximately $4,000 to the Holland Patent's sports programs.

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