118th Assembly candidates cast their ballots in 2012 election

By WKTV News

DECISION 2012 - Redistricting made for a different kind of campaign for the candidates in the 118th State Assembly District.

Democrat Challenger Joseph Chilelli and Current Republican Assemblman Marc Butler may have differing views on issues affecting their district, but both candidates agree that this time around, it's a different type of race.

Chilelli headed to the polls to vote Tuesday morning at the Herkimer VFW while Butler voted at the Newport Town Garage.

The 118th district spans five counties now: Oneida, Herkimer, Fulton, Hamilton and St. Lawrence counties.

Both candidates said they were virtually unknown in many of the towns they visited.

"In my existing district, I have a name," Butler said. "When you move into a new area, you're starting over, introducing yourself trying to convince them you can do the job, what you stand for and who you are."

Chilelli says his goal if elected is to be more accessible to people in the name of better representation, but agreed that half the battle was getting his face out there.

"I can tell you there are a lot of people in Oneida County who do not know who their candidates are and some of them don't even know they've been redistricted," Chilelli said. " It was on us to make ourselves known."

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