Chip-fab plant ok'ed, what comes next for Nano Utica?

By WKTV News

MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Sixteen years into the effort to bring a chip-fab plant to the Marcy site on SUNYIT property, a major obstacle to that effort is cleared. 
The long-awaited wetlands permit from the Army Corps of Engineers arrived via Fed Ex to Mohawk Valley EDGE President Steve DiMeo Thursday afternoon.  DiMeo has to read the massive document before he signs it-probably on Friday.  
DiMeo has been all over the globe trying to lure a chip fab plant to the Marcy site.  Once a tenant does commit, even though the College of Nanoscale Science and Technology will act as the developer and the plans are already drawn, DiMeo says a chip-fab won't be built overnight.
"It takes 18-21 months to build a fab, that's if you put a shovel in the ground today. That's not taking into account the front end time, permitting, if you have some extensive site development activities that have to take place, bringing power to the site that adds to the timeline so what we're doing, we're compressing that time line so we can build within that 18-21 month period of time," says DiMeo. 
The process of trying to lure a chip-fab plant to the Marcy site began in 1998, when the state designated Marcy one of 13 sites, committing $75,000 to each.  In 2001, Marcy was zoned for a chip-fab plant.  In 2006, officials with AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) toured the Marcy site, telling DiMeo, "you've got a real site here".  But what kept them from committing to the site was what it didn't have; a wetlands permit from the Army Corps of Engineers.  Wednesday, word that the permit was granted.  Marcy is the only of the original 13 sites designated in 1998 that's still on the list; Malta, near Albany, where AMD wound up building, never was. 
We asked where DiMeo sees the Marcy site in five years.
"I see a site that's being built's going to happen."

DiMeo expects that when a tenant does commit to the Marcy site, there will be a big announcement out of Albany, with all the elected leaders who've worked over the past two decades to make it happen, in attendance.  

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