Chobani pledges $1 million to famine relief efforts in Somalia

By WKTV News

NORWICH, N.Y. - Today, the Shepherd's Gift Foundation, the charitable arm of Chobani, is pledging $1 million to the Global Enrichment Foundation to support their famine relief efforts in Somalia.

The United Nations has described the famine in Somalia as the "worst humanitarian disaster" in the world, with an estimated four million Somalis - over half of the country's population - in need of aid.

Through their Convoy for Hope initiative, the Global Enrichment Foundation provides much needed food to individuals in route to Kenyan refugee camps. To date, they have delivered food-aid to over 39,000 Somalia people. With Chobani's $1 million pledge, these Convoys will provide at least another 250,000 people with life-saving food aid during this critical time.

"We created the Shepherd's Gift Foundation to support passionate people who are making a difference," said Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO and Founder of Chobani. "That's why we've chosen to partner with the Global Enrichment Foundation. Their work is inspirational and life changing, and we're grateful for their founder, Amanda Lindhout, and her team's dedication to solving this hunger crisis."

Kidnapped by criminals in Somalia in 2008 and held hostage for 15 months before beingreleased, former journalist Amanda Lindhout became a passionate advocate for Somali women's rights and founded the Global Enrichment Foundation in 2010. Today, she is back in Somalia working alongside local agencies to coordinate Convoys for Hope to feed those in need.

"Hamdi Ulukaya and Chobani have made the decision to feed 250,000 victims of the Somali famine. Their compassion speaks for itself, and is a shining example of how the business community can have an enormous positive impact on the world," said Lindhout.

Chobani's $1 million pledge will be supported by a "Share Hope for Somalia" social media campaign, which will encourage Chobani fans to raise awareness for the cause within their social circles.

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