Chobani yogurt pilot program expanded in New York State schools

(WKTV) - New York State is one of the states leading the nation when it comes to serving up healthy yogurt to students.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Congressman Richard Hanna announced Thursday, that the USDA's pilot program aimed at serving students Chobani Greek yogurt in their lunches has been successful and will expand.

USDA has decided to continue and expand this highly successful program to four additional states during the next school year. During the pilot program, 200,000 pounds of yogurt were provided to schools in those states.

"Greek yogurt like Chobani is packed with healthy protein that our schoolchildren deserve access to in their school lunches," said Gillibrand. "New York State is home to a strong and growing Greek yogurt industry. And when we connect Chobani to lunchrooms across the state and across the country, we can give our children better access to healthy, nutritious food, while strengthening New York's own dairy industry. I am pleased to work with Congressman Hanna, Senator Schumer, and the USDA to build on this promising initiative."

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