City hopes clean-up efforts, repair work can prevent flooding issues


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Construction crews could be a welcome sight for some homeowners in the City of Utica as repair work gets underway on the dam at Halleck's Ravine.

The city is now able to build a road adjacent to Proctor Boulevard in order to get to the ravine and clean up behind it, what was to blame for much of south Utica's flooding in the recent past.

"Before, we didn't have easement, because it was a private property," said Deputy City Engineer Goran Smiljic. "The ravine itself is owned by neighbors, not the city right now. They're actually going to give us a legal way to enter in back of the properties and start cleaning the ravine."

The dam is more than 100 years old and city leaders hope this will solve the flooding problems that have been plaguing the city for years.

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