City of Utica issues Hurricane Sandy Emergency Response Advisory

By WKTV News

As Hurricane Sandy approaches, the City of Utica is urging residents to take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety. City officials say they have been preparing for Hurricane Sandy for several days and that emergency personnel are ready to respond to citizens' needs.

Officials are reminding cirizens to be prepared and follow safety precautions.  Please check to make sure you have bottled water, working flashlights, a battery operated radio and extra batteries in your home.  If you have elderly or frail relatives make sure they are O.K. and have an evacuation plan in place.


Access to Emergency Updates throughout the storm  . . .

·         For updates on emergency advisories go to, you can opt to receive information by email, text or phone. 

·         For text alerts send a text to 888777 and when prompted enter your zip code.  You will be alerted as changes to plans occur.


Immediate Emergency Advisories


Green waste Emergency

·         All green waste pickup has been suspended. 

·         Residents are requested to remove all green waste from the street and put it as far away from the roads as possible

·         If you live near a storm drain please monitor it and make sure it is clear of debris


Mandatory Travel Advisory

·         Please stay off the roads after 5:00pm

·         All non-essential travel should stop at that point

·         If you do not have to travel – DON’T


Emergency Shelter

·         The designate emergency shelter for the City of Utica is the MVCC Gym

·         Citizens are advised to shelter in-place – i.e. Stay Home unless forced out by emergency

·         Pets are not allowed in emergency shelters – plan for your pets – keep them inside


Emergency Preparedness Plans

The City of Utica is using the National Incident Management System in response to Hurricane Sandy.


The Command Center for the duration of the storm will be set up the Mayor’s Conference room at City Hall.  Emergency Response personnel will man it constantly.  An alternate site is ready at the Oneida county 911 Center if City Hall should lose power.


Fire Department

The Fire department will have emergency response equipment staged at City hall for Rapid Response


Police Department

The police department have plans in place for traffic control, Anti-theft,  Animal control and communications.



The department of public works has 1,000 sand bags strategically placed in flood zones.  Over the weekend they have been dredging streams to in anticipation of flash flooding.


Halleck’s Ravine will be monitored 24-7 throughout the storm dredging equipment is in place to handle any jams for debris from upstream.



City hall will close for normal business at 2:00pm today but the Command Center will remain open 24-7 for the duration of the emergency.

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