City of Utica looking to prevent drastic cuts after more borrowing


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - City of Utica leaders are looking at the city's finances to figure out how to prevent drastic cuts.

The city owes money in many directions and in order to help pay those bills, city councilors will vote on whether or not to take out a $10.5 million refund anticipation loan.

That money would be paid back when state aid is distributed in March. Looking ahead to next year, Councilor at Large Ed Bucciero, who is the Chairman of the Finance Committee, says the city is shopping around for health insurance coverage and is even asking city employees, union and non-union- to chip in.

"We're really looking for our employees to be part of the solution and I think if we all sit around the table and discuss this, and the atmosphere of where we are right now, that may happen," Bucciero said.

Bucciero says having city employees pay for part of their insurance could save the city up to $2 million in next year's budget.

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