City of Utica to use rain barrels to tackle sewer overflow


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The City of Utica is tackling a sewer overflow problem, which means you might start seeing rain buckets on your commute.

It's all part of a green engineering project. The barrels will catch the rain before the water causes the sewers to overflow.

"The City of Utica has combined sewer overflows," said Deborah Day of the city's civil engineering. "And what they are, are cross-connects between the sanitary system and the storm system. In periods of heavy rain, they activate and spill out to dilute sewage, which could end up in the river or creeks within the city."

The barrels - made from recycled steel -- also recycle the water. There is a hose attached so you can water your lawns and gardens.

The barrels were paid for with a $718,000 green innovation grant.

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