Clergy members to fast to ask for fair and just state budget

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The closer the vote to the state budget, the louder the voices.

A rally happened Monday in front of the state office building in downtown Utica. And those participating have very strong faith.

These members of the clergy want lawmakers to remember: "God is on the side of the poor." The gathering is to remind them they serve everyone in the state, not just the wealthy, organizers say.

"We're just people of faith who want to call our legislators and their governor to -- in good conscience -- look at where the money is going," said Eldon DeWeerth, a retired Lutheran minister. "And it's not going to those who need it most."

Those who attended the rally plan to fast for the next 40 hours. The goal is to draw attention to ethical wrongs of poverty and income inequality.

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