Clinton woman still searching for her daughter after five years

CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - Judy Seelman of Clinton and her family members let go balloons into the air on Saturday, with notes attached to them. The notes were to Seelman's daughter, Michelle Hutchings who has been missing for five years now. Seelman says "It's like the day she disappeared, that's when all our lives stopped."

It was July 30th 2006 when her then 27 year old daughter whom she lived with, left the family's home in Clinton and wasa never seen or heard from again. Seelman says Michelle left to go to a narcotics anonymous meeting in utica, with a male friend who also attended the meetings. She says that male friend told police he dropped Michelle off at midnight in the 1400 block of Bleecker Street in Utica and said Michelle was going to visit a female friend of hers, "As soon as she didn't call just to say hi, I called everybody and I just knew, I just knew she was never going to be seen again."

Seelman says Oneida County Sheriff's investigators questioned all parties involved, and nothing ever came of Michelle's disappearance. She says her daughter had been sober from drugs at that point for months and believes something bad happened to her that night, that she did not just disappear on her own, "Her purse would have been gone, 197.00 was in there along with credit cards, so that was still there, like I said her cell phone still here, so was her car." Judy says these past five years have moved at a snails pace for her, "Instead of getting better, it gets like worse because you have no closure, you have no idea."

Anyone with information is asked to call the Oneida County Sheriff's Department.

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