Cold temperatures may have left shrubs with brown patches

By WKTV News

(WKTV) If you were able to get a shovel in the ground over the weekend, your plants should survive the cold front, according to the experts at Royal Landscaping in New Hartford.

Your best bet for planting is to wait until the beginning of May.

However, for the shrubs around your house, it's been a challenging winter, and you may have noticed brown patches on evergreens. Now is the time to trim them back to try and produce new growth.

"What we really don't know yet is the extent of damage caused by this winter's extreme cold weather on shrubs and plants and trees," said Bob DeSanctis of Royal Landscaping. "Because it's been so cold, even in the spring, things are slowly waking up. We really won't know until we get to May and put together a string of days above 60 degrees."

Another challenge in the plant world is with the maple industry. Farmers are having a hard time getting the sugar maples to release syrup because of the cold this late in the season.

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