Cold water rescue after man's inner tube pops on West Canada Creek

By WKTV News

POLAND, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Newport Water Rescue Unit had to perform a cold water rescue Wednesday morning in the West Canada Creek after a man fishing and tubing, accidentally popped his inner tube.

Fire officials say the man was on his second trip down the creek for the day when his tube struck trees that were up against a support for an Old State Route 8 bridge.

They say the victim managed to climb up onto the bridge support and waited for help.

A nearby resident was alerted, and called 911.

Poland's Fire Department responded to the scene. They called for the Newport Water Rescue Unit to conduct a cold water rescue.

The victim was transported to the hospital to be checked out, but thanks to rescue workers, the entire situation was under control in a half hour's time.

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