Collection of signatures from Declaration of Independence includes one time local

ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - It is one of the rarest collections in the world - signatures of all of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Most of the signatures are at the end of a personal letter written by the men and one of those signatures is from General William Floyd, who built his home on Main Street in Westernville in 1830.

His descendants still live in the area and hope people recognize the sacrifices those in the Revolutionary War made for the entire country.

"We should realize the sacrifices that were made and we should appreciate their efforts in securing their freedom as a result," said Floyd's great, great, great grandson William Floyd Olney.

The documents were actually in possession of Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute until 1957.

The auction will take place Saturday, December 15 in New Hampshire.

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