Comets, Crunch 'Throwdown' special wager for Friday's contest


(WKTV) - With the Olympic Men's Hockey semi-final set to feature a rematch between on-ice rivals United States and Canada, a special rivalry is beginning to brew right here in Central New York.

The Utica Comets are gearing up to face the Syracuse Crunch for the third time this season, first on the road, with each team earning a victory so far.

This game will be the 3rd of 4 the teams will play this year, and this one will tip the scales towards one team's corner.

Adding fuel to the fire of this anticipated matchup, the owners of each team has placed a friendly wager on the outcome of the game.

The game, which is being titled the "Thruway Throwdown," has Comets owner, Rob Esche, and Crunch owner, Howard Dolgon, in agreement that the losing owner must wear the winning team's jersey during a public appearance the following week.

Even further than that, both owners are so confident in their respective team's abilities that they have each personally guaranteed a victory for their fan bases on K-Rock stations.

"We will win, no problem," said Dolgon. "We owe 'em one."

Esche fired back.

"I believe we have the best fans in New York," he said. "Syracuse fans are in for a rude awakening come Friday."

While the war of words has been all in good fun, the contest on the ice is not likely to be so laid back.

When Friday comes, and the stakes are raised, words will no longer matter, and only one team will end up on top.

The "Throwdown" begins on Friday at 7 p.m.


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