Common core tests improve slightly; advocates for opting out ambivalent

By WKTV News

While math common core test scores improved for students grade three through eight across the state and in Oneida County, and English Language Arts test scores improved slightly, advocates for opting students out and getting rid of common core, retain their stance.

Jessica McNair, an outspoken parent and advocate against common core says her opinion is one of ambivalence because she says the scores do not define the views of teachers, administrators or schools.

She said, " The notion that common core and these tests miraculously fix education is a big farce in my opinion,"

More importantly in McNair's opinion, students, parents, schools teachers, need to look at the bigger picture, as a community, as a state, and as a nation to get kids ready for life, not for one state test every year.

" If you take a look at some other media clips coming out, some articles, in Newsday, Commissioner John King acknowledged that 55,000-60,000 students across New York State refused to participate in the test... if anything, I think parents will be more motivated to ask questions and find out what's going on in the classroom."

She urges parents and teachers to proceed carefully when looking at the scores and keep in mind that those scores do not define students.

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