Community members honored for efforts in fighting poverty

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Often time we see the images on television of people living in poverty, and most times we think of them as being off in far away countries, but it's happening right here in Central New York.

On Friday, a Poverty Symposium was held at Mohawk Valley Community College, where four awards were presented, honoring local people who are active in fighting poverty in the Mohawk Valley.

The symposium was also a fundraiser, featuring key note speakers from many local groups. It was presented by the Community Coalition for Economic Justice - a program that gives people the skill set and the tools necessary to climb out of poverty.

"It's a critical issue that we have to face as a community and come together with all the resources that we can to try to mitigate the crippling affects that poverty has on individuals and on the community," said Dr. Randall VanWagoner, the President of MVCC.

Dr. VanWagoner was among four awarded Friday afternoon. The other awards were presented to April Hawver, Ray Lenarcic and Reverend Stephen Anea.

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