Company submits Letter of Intent to purchase Country Manor


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - After years of attempts to downsize and sell the Herkimer County-owned Country Manor assisted living home, one company's interested in buying. Advanced Healthcare Management has submitted a Letter of Intent to purchase Country Manor, however only if the county meets certain criteria.

Advanced Healthcare Management requested Herkimer County submit an application to the New York State Department of Health for a Certificate of Need for assisted living beds. Because the application is due Wednesday evening, the Human Resources Committee held an unscheduled meeting Tuesday night to vote on whether or not to apply for the beds.

While some legislators felt they don't know enough about Advanced Healthcare Management to start moving forward, the majority felt the application is just preliminary, and necessary to keep options open. The committee voting to submit the application.

"I don't know if we're moving too fast," said Legislature Chairman Vincent Bono. "I think we're doing our due diligence at our pace and you know there's homework involved, it's not a question of is anyone holding anything back, it's a question that the homework needs to be done."

"It's not an open process, the information is being held by a few, perhaps modified by a few," said Legislator Helen Rose. "We need equal access to the information for all legislators and we don't have that."

Bono says the county loses over $500,000 a year on Country Manor, money they can no longer afford to lose. Bono also says that they are still learning more about Advanced Healthcare Management, but he believes they own facilities in Norwich and Rome.

The legislature says they won't hear back from the state about the application until the fall.

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