Concerned father asking traffic to slow down on Route 8 after log truck accident

By WKTV News

OHIO, N.Y. (WKTV) - Some scary moments for students on a school bus prompts action by a father in the Town of Ohio.

"There's been an increase in truck travel especially log trucks in this area," said Mark Mowers.

Mark Mowers lives on a curvy stretch of Route 8 and he's seeing more and more close calls involving the school bus. One incident took place on Friday, February 1st.

Mowers 10-year-old daughter and her friends were about to get off the bus on Friday, excited for a birthday party sleepover. The driver of a log truck behind the bus couldn't stop in time. The driver swerved to the right of the bus, hitting a tree and a mailbox before coming to a stop in the ditch.

"Thank God the girls didn't get off the bus at the time," said Mowers. "They would've been right in the way of the truck. This three mile stretch of road is some of the most dangerous, on the corners and the hills. I've lived here my entire life and been witness to a lot of them (accidents)."

While our crew was there interviewing Mr. Mowers on Monday afternoon, the school bus approached and again, a log truck was following behind. Fortunately, the driver was able to stop in time.

Mowers is urging drivers to use extra caution when driving through especially in the mornings and the afternoons when the buses are going through. He is also urging students to look both ways when they get off the bus, something he says the Poland School District stresses to the students as well.

"We're trying to put the wheels in motion with the NYS DOT," said Mowers. "We're going to try and lobby for something whether it be flashing lights or something additional to the signs that are already here to see if we can do something to help reduce the speeds a little bit."

Mower's says it isn't just log trucks. Several large vehicles speed up and down the highway every day. He says the road was paved last year, and that could be contributing to the increased speeds of the drivers.

Mowers says a representative from the NYS DOT's office wants to come survey the road himself and could be doing that sometime this week.

State Police responded to the accident on Friday afternoon. The driver of the log truck was ticketed for unsafe lane change.

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