Congressional candidate wants Federal Highway Bill passed

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A candidate for congress urges lawmakers to make a move when it comes to legislation about America's roadways.

With only five days left before the end of term, Democratic candidate Dan Lamb wants current Congressman Richard Hanna to pass the Federal Highway Bill.

Lamb says that, for years, lawmakers have been extending the bill instead of renewing it.

The frustration a lot of people have right now, a lot of middle class people have with the Congress today, it doesn't seem to recognize the most basic needs," Lamb said. "We all need to travel."

Congressman Hanna is the vice-chair to the Highway Committee and Lamb is calling on Hanna to voice opposition to provisions that are attached to the project to move it forward. Lamb says it will protect thousands of jobs in the state of New York.

"Mr. Lamb clearly shows a poor understanding of the issue and the status of the negotiations. Representative Hanna takes his responsibility very seriously to produce the best highway bill possible for the state and the country and to put people back to work and begin to rebuild our ailing infrastructure," said Renee Gamela, Spokesperson for Congressman Hanna. "The Keystone Pipeline is supported by a majority of Americans, organized labor groups, and Democrats and Republicans in Congress. This so-called 'poison pill' is a commonsense part of this nation's energy independence, national security, economic growth, and it will create thousands of jobs."

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