Congressman Hanna reacts to State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON (WKTV) - Congressman Richard Hanna (R-24) reacted Tuesday night to President Obama's State of the Union Address.

He said, "While we disagree on some of the means and methods, I was pleased to hear the President talk about strengthening the middle class and reviving economic mobility. It is imperative that we reform and invest in our education system to prepare young Americans for 21st century jobs in high-tech industries.

"There are immediate areas where we can work together. Republicans can work with the President right now on approving a long-term Highway bill that creates jobs and boosts our economic competitiveness.

"I am hopeful that Republicans, Democrats, and the President will work together in 2012 to foster an environment favorable to private sector job creation. Let’s find areas to cooperate where principle allows; let’s take the best ideas and move forward."

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