Construction expected to be complete next week in retaining wall following Summer floods

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - There is progress for people living in an area that was hit not once, but twice by heavy rain last summer.

Homeowners on Brookline Drive in South Utica are finding comfort in construction crews working along the Sauquoit Creek. Last summer, the waters came up so fast from Tropical Storm Irene that the city had to evacuate dozens of residents in that neighborhood.

The storm was so fierce that even the retaining wall started to break away.

"This new wall is going to protect the whole stream bank and protect this road from eroding," said Todd Kogut, a Construction Inspector said Wednesday. "The retaining wall won't prevent the flooding, but the new retaining wall will stabilize the banks so that we wont lose the road. As you can see, the retaining wall is just a few feet from the road."

Construction on Brookline Drive is expected to be complete by next week, roughly six months since Tropical Storm Irene hit the Mohawk Valley back in August.

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