Construction of Bus Transportation Center in Utica ninety percent complete


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - City of Utica officials say construction on the new bus transportation center being built in downtown Utica is now ninety percent complete.

The price tag for the project comes to roughly $5 million, which is being covered by a federal grant secured back in 2005 when Sherwood Boehlert represented the area in congress. The city will contract the site out to the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority, otherwise known as CENTRO.

"They"ll be occupying the center and staffing the center," said City of Utica Director of Urban Planning Brian Thomas. "The intent behind the facility is that all of their buses will come together at the same time, several times an hour at the course of the entire day, making it easier for riders to make their transfers between buses, having one central location in the downtown where riders can leave to their homes or their workplaces and come back to downtown as well."

The new transit center is expected to open sometime in January.

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