Cooler temperatures a good reminder to winterize to your car


As the temperatures become colder and the snow begins to fall, the changing of the seasons are a good reminder for motorists to bring their vehicle to an automotive shop for a seasonal tune-up.

"Winterizing should be done once a year and it should come in, tires should be checked, wipers should be checked, and heaters too," said Joe Papandrea, owner of Papandrea's Automotive. "Make sure the thermostat is okay and heater is working properly too."

Papandrea adds to always remember to check your tire pressure and rotate your tires as well as make sure to fill up on windshield wiper fluid. However, check to make sure it is the winter mix to prevent the liquid from freezing up.

For an easy way to check if your tires are ready for the winter, you can place a penny in between the treads. If 1/3 of it disappears, you should be safe. If not, consider changing your tires.

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