Cooperstown Police investigating missing 'Save Anthony' signs

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Police are investigating complaints from some residents of Cooperstown who put up a sign in their front yard this past week, only to have it taken from their yard in the middle of the night sometime Sunday morning.

The signs say 'Save Anthony' and point people to, a website created by Tony Pacherille, the father of 17 year old Anthony Pacherille, who is charged with attempted murder by hate crime.

The elder Pacherille is doing everything he can to avoid having his son head off to state prison for 25 years to life. That includes quitting his job to work on his son's case fulltime.

Tony Pacherille has been asking everyone in Otsego County to put the signs up, which again point people to the website, in order to learn more about what he says is his son's mentall illness. The mental illness he believes caused his son to chase down and shoot fellow Cooperstown High School student Wesley Lippitt last April.
Tony hopes his son will end up serving time in a mental institution, rather than state prison.

Tony Pacherille says he was surprised when he started getting phone calls early Sunday morning. He said, "As people woke up and they saw their sign was gone, they've been calling us, wondering what's going on. Right now it appears 30 or 40 signs in the village itself are missing. They were stolen last night from between about midnight and 6:00 this morning."

So far, Cooperstown Police are just saying they're looking into the case.

Anthony Pacherille's trial is scheduled to begin the week of May 23rd.

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