Cooperstown students vote to change Redskins nickname


COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Cooperstown School Board is now looking into changing their longtime nickname the Redskins after a student vote. The High School Student Council asked middle and high school students to vote if they'd like to keep their current Redskins name or to pick from a list of alternatives.

The nickname dates back to the 1920s. Many students feel it's offensive to Native Americans.

The proposal to change the name was presented to the School Board Wednesday night and students and parents had the opportunity to share their opinions.

In downtown Cooperstown Thursday, the opinions were mixed.

"I wanted the pioneers personally, because the 13 colonies and they explored a lot of this area so," said Chase Ducey a Cooperstown 7th grader.

"I voted to keep the name because it has been tradition though all these years sports teams have been the Redskins," said Steven Serafen who's in the 10th grade.

The top picks of the vote were the Deerslayers, Hawkeyes, and Pathfinders, but some students don't know if the change is necessary - and many parents agreed.

"It's all about what's on the inside here," said Diane Ducey pointing to her heart. "And as far as I'm concerned if your intention is to be negative and intolerant, then that’s what it means to you, and if you're open minded and fair then it's going to be fine."

Cooperstown School Superintendent C.J. Herbert says no official action has been taken yet in deciding whether or not to change the name from Redskins, the school board is still discussing all options.

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