Could we soon see more places to eat outdoors in Utica?

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Members of Utica's Urban and Economic Development Committee met Tuesday night and one of the ideas discussed was, wouldn't it be nice to have more restaurants that have outdoor seating.

Some members of the committee say when it's as nice out as it has been this spring, people don't want to eat inside, and there just aren't many options in the city.

Committee member and 1st ward Councilman Frank Vescera says it might be a good idea to look at the current city laws and see if any of the ordinances can be changed to allow more city businesses to open up outdoor cafe-type seating, "some of the problems have to do with the width of the sidewalk. Some vendors and some cafes don't have a lot of room, so one of the thoughts that was brought up was to make perhaps the pathway, lessen the amount of pathway assessable to the public, and we will see if we can do that and that will help out certainly."

No time frame has been set at looking at the current laws, but it's something a number of the Urban and Economic Development Committee members want to look into.

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