County votes to add "In God We Trust" to chambers


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - At a time when some organizations are taking faith out of their structures, the Oneida County Legislature is in strong support of keeping it in. The board of legislators unanimously voting Wednesday to permanently display the words "In God We Trust" in their chambers.

The four words will be placed on a plaque over the Oneida County seal in the county legislative chambers for all legislators and attending constituents to see.
The idea was proposed by Legislator David Gordon of the 14th District to remind elected officials about their large role in the county and to have the community regain their trust in the system.

"People are losing faith, they're losing faith in the system in their elected representatives, jobs are becoming very hard, food on the table is coming very hard and people are looking for something to believe in and they want that faith and why not bring that message home to the County Board of people know that we are in the same boat as they are and that we're working towards a common cause," said Gordon.

While some may feel faith should be separate from government, Gordon said he feels that "In God We Trust" does not discriminate against anyone or any religion whether they believe in one or not.

He now hopes that the words displayed will prove to his and all legislators' constituents that they are all working towards a common cause, to better the county.

Gordon hopes the plaque with the national motto will now be made and placed in the chambers within the next few months.

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