Court papers: Missing Blossvale woman told authorities son put her in woods

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Court papers detailing the charges against Tomas Zavalidroga allege his mother, 83-year-old Margaret Zavalidroga, told authorities he led her into the woods near the City of Oneida.

According to court documents filed in City Court in Oneida, authorities found the missing Blossvale woman on July 21 about 50 feet in the woods off Upper Lennox Avenue. At the time, she was wearing a purple shirt, but no pants or underwear.

The firefighter who assisted in rescuing her told New York State Police he asked if she was OK and she made a noise. She later told the firefighter she was thirsty, but not hurt. When asked how she got into the woods, she said someone brought her there. The firefighter asked if she knew the person who brought her into the woods and she said yes. She was then asked if her son Tomas had brought her into the woods, and she told the firefighter yes.

A nurse who treated Margaret Zavalidroga at Oneida Healthcare Center told police in a deposition that she heard Margaret Zavalidroga tell authorities that her son fed her oatmeal in the woods. The nurse also said she was stable, but her body temperature was very low.

Tomas Zavalidroga is charged with reckless endangerment and making a false statement. He will appear in Oneida City Court on Friday.

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