Cyberhacking: How individuals could be putting the nation at risk


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Cyber attacks seem to be a trend in this generation and some pretty big name companies have recently become victims of hack attacks.

It is a new age of attacks and the predators seem to be getting smarter. Hacking into companies like NPR, CBS and The Associated Press is becoming the norm.

The most recent attack on The Associated Press actually caused the stock market to fall 1% and created frenzy after a group of hackers, otherwise known as the Syrian Electronic Army, posted on the White House twitter account that the President's home was under attack.

Michelle Tuttle, a regular contributor to WKTV and an Identity Theft Expert, says hacking is happening to big companies because social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are not fully secure.

She believes the small glitches in the sites are allowing hacker's to find ways to compromise the security of the site and pose as the original owner.

Tuttle believes these hackers have a purpose and said, "These groups know as far as warfare this is a place they can do a lot of damage."

Tuttle also emphasized that this is not just happening in the United States but is also occurring in countries around the world such as India, The United Kingdom and China.

She actually referred to these attacks as cyber army warfare and said if you have been hacked you have to make sure to report it to your social media or financial provider.

The steps to keep yourself and your family protected are simple, keep the most updated and secure privacy settings on your computer,make sure your computer has Malware software and stay educated on the topic.

Twitter is currently in the process of updating and adding more secure privacy settings onto the social media site.

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