DAR celebrates Flag Day with Centennial Tour of historical sites


DANUBE, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Col. Marinus Willett-Mohawk Valley Chapter of the the Daughters of the American Revolution celebrated flag day in a very patriotic way on Thursday - with some local history.

Members of the DAR took a centennial commemoration bus tour of 14 historical markers along the route taken by General Herkimer from his home in Danube to the Oriskany Battlefield during the Revolutionary War.

The same route was taken 100 years ago when the markers were originally dedicated.

"Back on this very day, Flag Day, of 1912, the entire Mohawk Valley came together, more than a thousand people, to dedicate a series of 14 markers that mark the line of march of General Herkimer here from his home, to the Battle of Oriskany," said Denise VanBuren, New York State Regent of the DAR. "Our local DAR chapter, who are descendants, if you will, of the original chapters that had those ceremonies back in 1912, have today staged this same exact series of ceremonies to rededicate the 14 markers in memory of General Herkimer and the Patriots of the Mohawk Valley."

Their journey took them to sites such as the Fort Herkimer Church, to Utica's Baggs Square, the Yorkville Purple Heart Park and the Whitesboro Dunham Public Library.

Organizers say that it was great to see the project, that took roughly two years of research and planning on the part of the Mohawk Valley Chapter of the DAR, finally come to fruition.

"We hope that events like this will serve to remind people of the importance of the Mohawk Valley in America's story, in terms of the American Revolution," VanBuren said. "We also hope, obviously, that it will re-awaken an appreciation for the American Patriot who founded this country through service and sacrifice in the revolution, but also for our American ideals."

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