DEC gives Mohawk Valley Water Authority green light to expand services

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - The Department of Environmental Conservation has agreed to release water needed to allow the Mohawk Valley Water Authority to expand services.

Parts of Frankfort, Schuyler, Kirkland and Westmoreland will now be able to receive MVWA water. The agency says it increases current usage by about one half of one percent.

Because of the permit being issued, those areas must now make plans to put the idea in motion.

"Projects will only occur as each town decides that they want to extend the water mains, and they do that typically by forming a water district, borrowing the money to put the pipes in, then the costs of that is borne with the people within the district on their property taxes," said Patrick Becher, executive director of the MVWA.

The move will be paid for through property taxes of those being served by the expansion. It will not impact current water authority customers. The time line is up to the individual municipalities.

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