DEC seeks public opinion in forest management plan

By WKTV News

REMSEN, N.Y. (WKTV) - The DEC is preparing a management plan for six state forests in Northern Oneida and Herkimer counties, but first are looking for the public's input.
A public hearing was held in Remsen, Tuesday, to hear from residents on what they'd like see done with 21 detached parcels of forest preserve.
The land will be used predominately for hunting and fishing, but some would like to see new trails, and better access to the land.
"We're also going to look into creating better campsites for people to use," said Scott Healy of the Herkimer DEC Office. "We've had people have an interest in wildlife corridor, which these lands would definitely fit in."

The DEC hopes to have the final plan in place by next year. 

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