DNA of defendant found on alleged victim's body in restaurant owner trial


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Three witnesses, including a forensic scientist and the alleged victim all took the stand Thursday in the trial of Isidoro Marra. Marra is accused of raping a woman, who fell asleep after having dinner at his bed and breakfast "Villa Isidoro".

Early in the day, the alleged victim testified that after she claimed to be raped, she was then driven to her boyfriend's house by her boyfriend's mother and the defendant. She said on Thursday, the whole ride there, she was crying and accusing Isidoro Marra of raping her.

When the boyfriend's mother testified, she said the alleged victim did not mention rape during that car ride. Instead, she says the victim accused her son of stealing her credit card, and being with another woman.

"All I heard was her badgering my son all the way there," she said.

Herkimer County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Carpenter pulled out the boyfriend's mother's statement that was given to police the day after the alleged incident. Carpenter had her read the sworn statement and then pointed out discrepancies in what she was saying Thursday, with what she said in her signed statement to police.

The last question Carpenter asked the boyfriend's mother was "do you like her?" - meaning the alleged victim.

The boyfriend's mother than answered "NO."

A New York State Police Forensic Scientist testified Thursday, as well. She said she found the DNA of Isidoro Marra on the alleged victim's body, but not inside her.

When asked if she could identify what part of the defendants body the DNA came from, she said "NO."

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