Will the Arterial Project affect the 2014 Boilermaker?


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - With the 2014 Boilermaker just over 3 weeks away, there are talks going on between Boilermaker officials and New York State Department of Transportation officials about what can be done to make sure runners and spectators are kept safe near the arterial project construction sites.
Boilermaker President Tim Reed says it's important to have these conversations now and says the D.O.T. is being very accommodating, "No one wants to come to a dirty house, so they're kind of cleaning the house up before we have 20,000 people coming into this town."
New York State D.O.T. Region 12 Spokesperson Jim Piccolo says the main area being focused on is near where the arterial meets Court St..  That's the area where many people park and walk to and from the finish line as well as the post race party.
Piccola says the runners and supporters safety is top priority, "Mostly right now we're looking for the pedestrians that are going to be crossing over there along the sidewalk over Court St. over to the west side,  and that's one of our main concerns as well as possibly opening up some areas for parking."
Piccola says the sidewalks on Court St. will be cleared or repaired if needed the week before Boilermaker Sunday, "Depending on the condition of the sidewalk, if we have to add more material, we will add temporary blacktop over certain areas, just to make it safe for people that are walking through the area."
Part of the actual Boilermaker course runs through Burrstone Rd. near the intersection of Lincoln Ave. where some major construction work continues.
Piccola says that portion of the arterial project is just about complete. "We still have the paving that needs to be taken care of there.  We're trying to see if we can get that done before the Boilermaker, we're not sure if we will, but the conditions there for running are fine, we're more concerned with the sidewalk areas for people that will be viewing the race that they don't get hurt."
Boilermaker Sunday is set for July 13th.


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