DOT considering removing crosswalk and light at intersection residents say is dangerous


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - New York State's Department of Transportation is now considering removing a crosswalk and traffic signal that goes across the North-South Arterial after complaints from residents.

Ken Kostolecki complained to Oneida County Legislator Fred Sadallah who, after examining the intersection at Wilbur Road and the Arterial, contacted New York Department of Transportation.

Kostolecki had wanted better signage to alert drivers of the crosswalk, however the DOT is now considering closing the crosswalk all together.

"Right now, we are collecting data on the usage of the crosswalk. We can automatically monitor the number of times the crosswalk is used, record that use," says NY Department of Transportation's Anthony Ilacqua. "We're looking not only at the quantitative data, but qualitative data, as to who is using it and how it's being used."

Ilacqua says the DOT has already talked to the New Hartford Police, and Oneida County Planning and plan to talk to the New Hartford Town Board once all their data is collected.

"There isn't a lot of use there and that's really part of the problem," says Ilacqua. "And it is a 55 miles per hour section of the arterial."

Ilacqua says if they do decide to close the crosswalk, it will be sometime this summer.

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