DPW concerned with how much salt they need to use

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - City DPW crews are trying to keep up as the snow continues to come down. Commissioner Dave Short in Utica says he would rather have it 80 degrees with the pavement buckling than non-stop snow.

Short says this weather requires a lot more manpower and in return more tax payer dollars.

The budget this year includes money for about 8,000 tons of salt. So far crews have gone through nearly half, about 3,000 tons and there's a whole lot of winter left.

Short says, "This little stuff, even when we don't get 12 inches of snow, you just get a little bit and it slicks the roads over. It creates an issue for us where we have to go out and treat the roads, so we're still using material. I'm trying to use it a little more sparingly, trying to use it on the mains, the secondary and some of the thirds. I'm just not doing at this point because we don't have enough material. I've got to worry about what's coming down the line."

Short is concerned about the budget. He says it's only December, which means there's a solid three months of winter left this season.

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