Danni Allen of "Biggest Loser" taking part in Boilermaker 5k


BOILERMAKER 2013 (WKTV) - There was a big loser at the Boilermaker Health and Fitness Expo - Danni Allen, who was featured on the NBC Show "The Biggest Loser."

Many viewers watched from their couches with potato chips in hand as Allen was screamed at by Jillian Michaels as she struggled to log miles on the treadmill.

The 26 year old Allen lost 121 pounds and now is a runner and taking part in the Boilermaker 5k. Allen spent Friday at the Expo, meeting and inspiring fans.

"My biggest slogan is 'if i can, you can', because in all honesty, six months ago, I couldn't run more than a mile in under 15 minutes," Allen said. "I could barely get through a day without sweating and breathing hard and it was awful. But in six months, I'm running a half marathon next weekend, I'm at the Boilermaker running here."

Planet Fitness and the Boilermaker brought Danni Allen to Utica for Boilermaker weekend and she will help out at Saturday's kids run as well.

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