Date set for vote and public hearings on Ilion-Mohawk merger


ILION, N.Y. (WKTV) - February 12th residents in Ilion and Mohawk will head back to the polls to vote on whether the two districts should merge as one. The tentative date has been set following that each district send in at least 100 signatures for the vote to take place, and also a petition to allow two counting locations, one in Ilion and one in Mohawk.

Before the vote, the districts will hold two public meetings one January 29th at Mohawk's Gregory Jarvis High School, the other January 31st at Ilion High School. Both meetings start at 6 pm.

"The study and the information that we'll share with residents who show up on the 29th and the 31st will be distilled from the data that was collected for the 4 district study and three district study so plenty of information to go around," said Ilion Superintendent Cosimo Tangorra.

Superintendent Tangorra says there's also now plenty of time to be prepared for a new district on July 1st should residents decide that's what they want to do.

Now both Ilion and Mohawk Superintendents hope people come to the meetings and also out to vote.

"There's always a possibility for voter fatigue," said Interim Mohawk Superintendent Eugene Beirne. "People have voted on advisory votes, other votes and binding votes and people might just say you know I'm tired of voting but it depends, if you believe one way or the other to come out on the 12th and you vote and express your democratic right."

The public meetings will be similar to in the past with both school districts' superintendents and Citizen Advisory Committees there to answer questions, present the new study and encouraging everyone to vote.

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