Dead calves laid out in circle buried after prompting from authorities


PORT LEYDEN, N.Y. (WKTV) - A dozen dead calves, laid out in a circular formation on property in Port Leyden, have now been removed.

The calves, found on a property on Norton Road, were visible from the roadway and left many area residents feeling unnerved. One concerned resident said that they had seen a decapitated head of one of the calves placed atop a scarecrow on the property.

Lewis County Sheriff's officials say they spoke with the owner of the property, advising him to bury the calves, or be arrested.

The owner of the property didn't tell authorities how they all died, just that he was composting them.

Investigators checked with local veterinarians and the New York State Health Department to see if there were any illnesses afflicting livestock in the area.

That search came up negative.

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