Deadline to register guns nears, but owners resistant

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - Gun owners have made their opinions known about the New York Safe Act since its inception more than a year ago.

Now, it's just over a week away from enforcement of one of the provisions of the new set of laws.

Oneida County Undersheriff Rob Swenzkowski says the only way to force gun owners to register their guns, which are now considered assault weapons under the state's new laws, is to have probable cause.

Senator Joe Griffo of Rome and Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi of Utica, both voted against the Safe Act and are hoping, just like the demonstrators, that it gets repealed.

"It's targeting law-abiding gun owners, and it really remains a mystery as to what's going to happen moving forward, because the state is not enforcing the background checks on ammunition, which was in January," Brindisi said. "So it's a question to see how the state will proceed with this deadline registration."

Swenzkowski says he has heard that many gun owners are not going to comply with the new law, and wouldn't be surprised if some of them actually turn themselves in.

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