Dealing with the cold: Residents say 'It's Central New York'

By Gary Liberatore

Temperatures below zero all day on Friday didn't stop area residents from going out and clearing out the several inches of snow that fell Thursday into Friday morning.

Dave Pianka of North Utica was out not only shoveling, but also clearing the snow off of his roof.

Pianka says he had four layers of clothing on, and the sun helped keep him warm as well.

"With the wind coming and the snow blowing, it gets cold," Pianka said. "Other than that, it's nice."

Just down the road in North Utica, Chris Murphy was shoveling his driveway Friday afternoon along with his two young children.

Murphy says we don't see temperatures this cold that often, but even so, we, as Central New Yorkers, shouldn't be surprised by it.

"I expect it living around here. It's part of living in Central New York," said Murphy.  "I like it, it just comes with the territory. I'm not complaining."

We caught up with Louis Judon of Utica on North Genesee Street Friday afternoon walking to work.  It was so cold, his eyelashes were frozen. 

"They're frozen right now," he said. "It's super cold."

When it comes to bitter cold temperatures like these, Lt. Dominick Meyers with the Utica Fire Department says it is very important to take precautions.

The best precaution he says is to stay inside, but if you have to be outside, layer up.

Meyers says he also wants to warn people to be especially careful when using space heaters.

"As long as you follow directions with the space heater, it's pretty simple," Meyers said. "Don't leave 'em on overnight ... not have them too close to things.  You also shouldn't use your stove to heat your house, which we do see a lot in the city.  We do go on calls and we have to educate people when we do see it, but it is dangerous."

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