Debate on where Utica Stewart's would be located continues

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - There's no argument a Stewart's Shop is coming to Utica.

The question is, where?

The debate on whether to put the store in East Utica or West Utica is continuing, with residents from both neighborhoods voicing their opinions at a meeting on Thursday evening. Many East Uticans say they're against the store moving in, while those in West Utica say they would welcome the store.

Jack Burth, the owner of the proposed East Utica location, says Stewart's reps told him the Culver Avenue site would be a model for a possible West Utica store.

"This would be an ideal new neighbor," Burth said. "You talk about up in Clinton, everybody loves 'em. They give back to the community, to say nothing that the city could use the tax base."

Stewart's Shops say no decision on where the store would be located has been made yet.

The Utica City Council has a zoning board meeting about the proposals on May 14.

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