Debate over Hydrofracking hits the big screen in Utica

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Hydrofracking Debate is once again taking centerstage in Central New York. A new anti-fracking movie was shown Friday night in Utica. Supporters say many don't have their facts straight.

Jeff Androisick says he and his wife were originally in favor of Hydrofracking, however they saw some "red flags" that changed their mind. The couple believes so much that "fracking" is unsafe that they have made two movies about the issue.

"All Fracked Up" was the Androisick's first full length film, "Water Isn't Water Anymore" is the couple's second movie. "Water Isn't Water Anymore" was shown at the Uptown Theater in Utica, Friday, for about 30 people.

"The deep injection well they wanted to stick in our town we put up a resistance (to it)." said Androisick. "It was the rebellion and we won. So our town was not ruined. We learned the people can win against Hydrofracking and these gas corporations."

Cooperstown Farmer, Jennifer Huntington, did not attend the showing of the film. Earlier in the day she said a large group of people support "fracking" and they have not been heard.

"Their water was able to drink before it and able to drink after it." said Huntington about people who live on property near Hydrofracking. "It was only contaminated with methane and everyone has methane in their water. it's not harmful to you. I can safely say there has never been a well contaminated with "fracking" fluid."

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