Deerfield responds to grass fire on Smith Hill Road

By WKTV News

DEERFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Extremely dry weather conditions are proving to be a problem in many areas as grass fires ignite at several locations Friday. One sparked right outside our doors here at NEWSChannel 2.

It started during the five o'clock hour on Smith Hill Road in Deerfield. About 30 firefighters from Deerfield, Maynard and Barneveld helped out at the scene. Crews were making sure the perimeter of the fire stayed wet to prevent it from spreading. "It's obviously a little bit windy today. That didn't help. It's been a little bit dry. We haven't had any rain but we're expecting some the next couple of days so that contributed," said Deerfield Asst. Fire Chief Brian DeStefanis.

Crews were on the scene well into the night- putting out hot spots. No word yet on a cause.

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