Deerfield still cleaning up from severe weather, ahead of FEMA visit


DEERFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Flood waters have receded from serious damage done by storms two weeks ago. Since then, it has been nothing but repair projects for many highway departments across Central New York.

In the Town of Deerfield, "spring cleaning" has taken on a new meaning, because not only do residents have to deal with damage, but the highway department also has at least $100,000 worth of damage to repair.

On Thursday, FEMA officials plan to tour damaged areas.

Highway Superintendent Sam Arcuri is looking for financial assistance from FEMA, and without it he says his budget "will be really short this year."

Arcuri is also reaching out to government officials and Oneida County in hopes that they will receive some grant funding for stream work. Deerfield will also likely utilize some shared Oneida County DPW services.

The first clean-up priority in Deerfield was making sure people could get in and out of their homes. Now that they've achieved that, they are working to re-open roads and repair road shoulders that have been washed out and unclog pipes.

Arcuri says his men are not only cleaning up, but but they're working overtime to provide residents with all the usual services they expect, such as green waste pick-up.

He asks residents to be patient as they deal with the scene mother nature has left behind.

"It took my whole plan that I had for summer work and changed it all, all of my roads that I had planned to do paving work,on and things... it change it all. It is going to take me most of that money to do those repairs."

Despite the extensive damage, residents and officials are grateful that while it may take all summer to finish repairs, the damage can be measured in dollars and cents and not lives.

"It is not worth your life to save a little bit of property," Arcuri said. "Let it go, that's the best advice I can give. Don't get hurt. This is just water, it will go away after a little while and we'll fix the property."

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