Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Teachout speaks in Cooperstown

By WKTV News

Zephyr Teachout says she was "chasing the bull," when she decided to challenge Governor Andrew Cuomo in the race for the governor's office, but she told a group at the Otsego County Courthouse in Cooperstown Friday night, the race is heating up, and she thinks the governor getting nervous.

Zephyr says she supported Cuomo four years ago when he ran for the post, but she says he shattered all of his promises. on September 9th, she plans to challenge him in the Democratic Primary.

Teachout accused Cuomo of not taking a stance on hydrofracking, by issuing a moratorium. She says she's definitively against it.

She accused Cuomo of standing silent for weeks on accusations of corruption in his office.

Teachout is a law professor who has spent her career studying corruption. and the influence of money on politics.

Teachout says the corruption scandal that erupted in Albany 16 days ago, fueled her fire and her desire to challenge Cuomo.

It's fitting that she spoke at a courthouse because it's a court that will decide whether or not teach out gets to run.

She says Como has challenged her residency as a New York er. She says she's confident she can prove she's been a New York resident for five years because she's taught at Ford ham University and lived in New York state since 2009.

On Monday afternoon, a decision is expected in that case.

While it's been one hurdle after another, Teach out and her running mate Tim Wu, are confident their message is being heard loud and clear.

Their platform is "A New York that works for all of us."

They want a ban on fracking, they want an investment in the basics: schools, transportation, and broadband. They want to level the playing field for small businesses. They also want to repeal Cuomo tax giveaways for banks and billionaires.

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