Demolition begins at former Union Fork and Hoe site in Frankfort


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - One hundred years of history in the Town of Frankfort is about to be reduced to a pile of debris as crews prepare the former Paint and Assembly building of the former Union Fork and Hoe complex for demolition.

Frankfort Mayor Frank Moracco estimates the building has been there for roughly a century.

The walls on the Acme Road side of the building have already been blown out and it was workers removing materials from the vacant buildings on August 1 that caused the devastating fire.

Dozens of people watched, with sadness, as the building that put food on the table and put their kids through college burned.

However, Frankfort's mayor hopes the site will once again provide area residents with paychecks. An electric car manufacturer would like to begin making cars there in May of next year, but with the fire putting the site's readiness behind schedule, Moracco says it's not yet clear if that is still going to happen.

Mayor Moracco spoke with the developer late Monday afternoon and while he says he had thought of the Pumpkin Patch site on Route 5S as a possible alternative, he says that for now, the developer, whose identity he's not at liberty to disclose, wants to concentrate on the former Union Fork and Hoe site.

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